May 22, 2010: JOHNNY GUITAR directed by Nicolas Ray

May 19, 2010: Selections from BECKETT ON FILM, produced by Blue Angel Films/Tyrone Productions: NOT I, PLAY, BREATH and KRAPP’S LAST TAPE

February 6, 2010: DIARY OF A COUNTRY PRIEST directed by Robert Bresson

October 11, 2009: THE LOVE GOD? directed by Nat Hiken, starring Don Knotts

August 19, 2009: NIGHT OF THE HUNTER directed by Charles Laughton Preceded by a reading of 216 WEB SAFE POEMS by Christine Kelly

August 26, 2009: INTIMATE LIGHTING directed by Ivan Passer Preceded by CENTRALIA by Michael Ashkin

July 29, 2009: Select films by Kathy Rugh

July 23, 2009: Select animations by Stefan Gruber

July 15, 2009: MARRIAGE OF THE BLESSED, directed by Mohsen Makhmalbaf

June 24, 2009: PRETTY IN PINK, a John Hughs production, directed by Howard Deutch

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