Antenna Gallery, March 14-April 5 2009, New Orleans, LA

Artist's Statement

1. Wailing Wall Mural, print (of Pollock's Mural)
2. The Ancient Art of Rock Stacking, styrofoam, paint, wood
3. Wailing Wall, masonite, wood, paint, nails

4. I Am Nature, c-print on sintra
5. Pop Druid 2, styrofoam, print, on cardboard
6. Piss Pollock, c-print
7. Legend, charcoal on paper
8. Wailing Wall Rock, canvas, wood, paint
9. The Grave is Empty series, c-print

9. The Grave is Empty, wildberry
10. The Grave is Empty, strawberry
11. The Grave is Empty, blueberry
12. The Grave is Empty, apple cinnamon

13. Pop Druid, styrofoam, paint, print on cardboard


14. Immortal, c-print on sintra

15. Wailing Wall Rock with God's Cage and The Grave is Empty, canvas, wood, paint, grommet, extension cord, video and equipment

Artist's Statement

Special thanks to Patricia Phillips and the Cornell University Department of Art for partially funding this exhibition.

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