Tim Simonds

November 22 - January 11, 2015

Danny (wash out)

cardboard, plaster, paint, metal, fruit/vegetable, hair conditoner, patroleum jelly, etc.

Tim Simonds, 2014


Danny (leave in)

cardboard, plaster, paint, metal, vegetables, hair conditoner, patroleum jelly, etc.

Tim Simonds, 2014



wood, metal, plastic, soap, alginate, kitty litter, grape nuts, etc.

Tim Simonds, 2014



metal, rubber

Tim Simonds, 2014


carpet, metal bolts

Tim Simonds, 2014





IN CORNERS, opening night, November 22, 2014



Ezra Fox and Danilo Correale with Bahman and Pabst


Sadra Shahab, Farideh Sakhaeifar, Baseera Khan



Ehren Shorday and Houman Harouni



In Corners, a solo show by Tim Simonds, consists of vestiges of hobbies arranged in a carpeted basement-like environment. These individual interests involve seemingly sustainable practices and unconventional methods of care, posing gentle conflicts between physical constraint and leisure, and nurturance and exercise. The works - a grey water irrigation system, a collection of boxes storing body impressions, an altered carpet, and an arrangement of grab bars - wander within a likeness of sustenance and excess. These stations of care characterize a set of intents; behaviors that are particular and self-centered, while at the same time proud of the selflessness of their gestures.


Tim Simonds is an artist and scholar based in Brooklyn. His recent exhibitions and performances include Deux Vacances as part of Bethany Ides's opera, Transient Theme at Knockdown Center (2014), Limb at Water Street Studio (2014) and And Learn to Make a Body of a Limb as part of Goldberg/ Hertz/ Peters/ Schrader's Gymnasia, 4:00 AM at Cleopatra's (2013). He has shared his writing at Poetics@Pratt (2014), Brown University's Performing Philosophy Program (2014) and Princeton University's Performing Architecture symposium. Tim received his M.A. in Performance Studies and a dual B.A. in Architectural Studies and Performance Studies from Brown University. He is currently Visiting Assistant Professor at Pratt Institute teaching in the Sculpture, Humanities & Media Studies, and Architecture departments.