April 18 - May 11, 2014

Michael Ashkin . Davide Cantoni . Anne Deleporte . David Dixon . Elizabeth Harney

Jackie Hoving . Pete Moran . Dan Snow . Suzy Spence . Nathan Townes-Anderson . Lynda White

with exhibition design contribution from Stephen Dean


Jackie Hoving, "Rain Deer", 2010 (video)

Elizabeth Harney, "Hunt Forever", 2014

Elizabeth Harney, "Brian T. Moynihan", 2013



Pete Moran, "Media Relations", 2010 (video)

(targets contributed by Stephen Dean)


Lynda White, "Hunt(ed)", 2013



Suzy Spence, "The Dutchess", 1996


Suzy Spence, "Hunt Country", 1996


Suzy Spence, "Fallen Rider II", 2012



Elizabeth Harney, "Naked Hunter", 2014


Davide Cantoni, "Kandahar, Afghanistan', 2013


Detail, Cantoni


Michael Ashkin, "Who's Afraid of Integrity, Security and Survival", 2013



Lynda White, "Eat(en)", 2014

Detail, White


Detail, White



Dan Snow, "I Had a Nightmare", 2009


David Dixon, "No Blood, No Foul", 2012


Nathan Townes-Anderson, "Paranoia Americana", 2014

PDF available here


Anne Deleporte, "Bullets", 2011 (video)


Opening reception, April 18, 2014


Lynda White with her piece.



Suzy Spence with her paintings.



Edwin Bethea and Twain Belgrave



Beep and Beep