'60 Yards'
June 2015

Brad Benischek collaborates during his exhbition 'Ghost City'

with the Italian printmaking collective,

Print About Me (Stefano Riba and Paolo Berra)


Brad Benischek, Stefano Riba and Paolo Berra


Brad Benischek with Print About Me book additions


60 Yards of denim silkscreend with Brad Benischek's imagery by Print About Me




60 Yards customer Carolina Divonzo



Original press release:

Brad Benischek has returned to NYC from his home in New Orleans to execute a silkscreen project in collaboration with Print About Me. Inspired by the giant denim 'Trophy' jackets currently on view in 'Ghost City', this printmaking team is inking 60 yards of denim with Benischek’s imagery promoting “tourism during the apocalypse”. 60 YARDS will open Monday evening June 15th, from 6-9pm, at Cathouse FUNeral in a space directly adjacent to Benischek’s installation Ghost City, viewable through June 21 (260 Richardson Street, Brooklyn. Gallery Hours: Sun and Sat 12-6pm). After this exhibition, the 60 yards of denim will be divided in half, 30 yards going to Italy with Print About Me, the other half to New Orleans with Benischek, each will independently design and produce a variety of wearables and trinkets.






Blue Ribbons, in celebration of our American/Italian collaboration


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