Gregor Neuerer

February 28 - April 5, 2015

Press: Camera Austria

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Various Tones (2015)

paint, canvas, wood, plant

Gregor Neuerer

(exhibition photos thanks to Dario Lasagni)


Opening Night: February 28, 2015


Gregor Neuerer with Steven Jacobs

Maria Rapicavoli and Gianluca Meo



Michael O'Loughlin and Paolo Piscitelli



Anne Deleporte




Christopher Johnson



Bernard "BEERney" Yenelouis


Gregor Neuerer, Micheal Ashkin, David Dixon


Cathouse FUNeral is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of Vienna-based artist Gregor Neuerer.
The installation, made specifically for Cathouse FUNeral, is comprised of four large-scale, painted canvases reconfiguring the dimensions of the space inside the main gallery. The work draws from selected photographic representations of the color Green in contemporary western culture found reproduced in artificial environments in public space (as seen in billboards, especially advertisements used in the health industry) and invokes processes of iconographic interplay between nature, body and well-being in general.
The omnipresence of the photographic image of Green in public space, through distribution and reproduction of digital imagery, is carefully translated into painted surfaces that propose both an intimate and haptic relation to the materiality of color, paint and wall. In an enclosed environment, various perceptual assumptions are put to the test, examining the role of the image both as a physical reality and as a carrier of knowledge, imagination, and, most of all, feeling.
Installed at a distance from the gallery walls and hovering above the floor, the four canvases respond to closeness and movement, unfolding both material and imaginary horizons. They render, through their scale and subtle reflectivity, a complex reconfiguration of space as both flat and multi-dimensional experience.
Various Tones speaks about the color Green both as an instrument of representation and manipulation. Blending multiple, accrued historical and experiential levels of perception, through the archaic idea of the garden, representations of landscape and commercial color research, the work speaks about "here" and "there" as well as experience and projection.


Gregor Neuerer was born in 1970 and lives in Vienna.  He studied at the Hochschule für Angewandte Kunst Wien.  Recent solo exhibitions of his work include Bilder für ein Büro (as part of Viennafair, Vienna, 2013); Villa (Soap Room, Innsbruck, 2013); Left but a Trace (Cornerhouse, Manchester, 2008).  He is currently working on a public art project in the context of the renovation of the Jewish cemetary Ybbs, Austria; as well as on the project Glas, (produced by the public art fund, Innsbruck, 2015).  His work was also exhibited at Making of (Secession, Vienna, 2014); Arcadian Boxes, Hanappe Siakos Gallery (Athens, 2012); Biografie der Bilder (Camera Austria, Graz, 2012); Curated by_vienna, (Galerie Raum mit Licht, Vienna, 2012); Neither From, Nor Towards... (Art Pavillion, Zagreb, 2010); The house is on fire but the party must go on (Kunstraum Innsbruck, 2010), as well as at Richard Salmon Gallery (London), Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac (Salzburg) and Galerie Martin Janda (Vienna).  He is also the editor of Untitled (Experience of Place), Koenig Books London 2003 in which he collaborated with artists and writers such as Michael Ashkin, Matthew Buckingham and Liisa Roberts.