Anne Deleporte's


May 13 - June 26, 2016

curated by:

Ella Marder, Suzy Spence & Jeffrey Walkowiak






Editorial Blue (Frog & Snails) and Horizontal Lightning


Horizontal Lightning and Vertical Lightning 


Editorial Blue (Frog & Snails)




ID Stack #9


Editorial Blue (Mussels & Snails) 






Crumbs & Freedom and Jasper & Dog


detail Crumbs & Freedom


Lucian by Francis


Editorial Blue (Frog & Snails)


detail Editorial Blue (Frog & Snails)


The Observer and show catalogue


The Observer



We begin our Anne Deleporte curatorial art adventure with a quote from the actress and new-age wizard, Shirley MacLaine, "My favorite horror show, the news,” recently heard on a radio news program, making the horror reciprocal, shrieking feedback into our imperfectly conceived astrological news-age: Who gives form to the formless? From whence does creation flow? Is there some news in a gesture, a genesis? or just ever more re-organization? Creation. Curation. Art. The News. Shirley MacLaine…

For Cathouse FUNeral's 18th show we have engaged three curators to organize one artist, Anne Deleporte, an artist already steeped in the Dada tradition of appropriation and contextual transformation. So the question is begged: if everybody is an artist can we all be curators too? Indeed, what is the ratio of artist to curator in NYC today? Did Duchamp fashion us all curators, lugging phenomena from one context to another? Yet sparks do sometimes make fire, for we are not all mathematicians here, the sum should be more than its parts...

But how? Is this magic, illusion? contradicting the laws of conservation of art and energy? The excess is the "extra-extra read all about it!"  The new news, or the news of the new. Deleporte, herself, takes newspapers and, first, redacts them of all text, then methodically paints around select images represented therein, a process of editing or of curation, even. 

Recently, when asked by a nosey critic if she had read W. Benjamin's Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, Deleporte gleefully sneered, "I do not read!!" which one imagines is not true, but the point is well made, she is returning us to some pre or post-linguistic state of image with her redactions, a hieroglyph of signs with no interpretive stone, the image-news undigested by cognition, present and cosmically abstract. Possibly a different kind of horror show than that of the word-news, that of a primal, ontological fear in things that commentary cannot circumvent.  Please come see what she and her curators conceive.

On the occasion of this exhibition a collectable newspaper/catalogue/poster will be produced with textual contributions from curators Ella Marder, Suzy Spence and Jeffrey Walkowiak.